I’m a soy-free lifer…

My life changed at age 27.  I think I’ve heard that year was special somewhere.  It was the year that I started to get sick.  I had never been allergic to anything.  In fact,  I loved saying “nothing!” when asked that question.  After suffering from random swellings, countless hospital visits, two lost jobs and a whole lot of debilitating stress on my mind, body and bank account, I now know that I am allergic to soy.  And, surprise!  It’s in everything.  To make matters worse, I broke my back right when I finally figured out my allergy.  What next right?  Life will always be throwing curve balls at you.  It’s not about avoiding them… it’s about being self-aware and learning how to deal with life’s struggles that makes it easier.  I have seen my life for what it could be and how I can choose to make it.  After almost losing it, I will not risk it.  I am a happier person today because I have found true friendship and real love.  Love of life, love of family and love for the support that humans offer to strangers every day.  Information and communication can save lives.  Inspiration just makes it easier.

Through adversity, I have decided to start a blog.  It is for all of the people who want to be healthy and happy in their lives- minus the soy.  Please go to it, read it and share it with the people you know who may need it.  My objective is to save hours, years, lives of struggle with soy based sensitivities.

This is my life and it is glorious.