It has been so difficult to find soy-free only information.  Everything I come across seems to be soy-free and either vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, wheat-free, what have you… Don’t get me wrong, those websites and blogs have been a great read but I am a foodie with an insatiable palate. I love a good vegan meal, but don’t even think about taking away my meat and cheese board.

Once I figured out the whole soy is in most foods thing, I was basically down to eating nothing.  Seriously – nothing but Benadryl aka “Beny” and maybe an apple here and there. I was afraid to eat and I couldn’t figure out why was I still getting reactions?!

Through all of the internet fluff arguing whether or not soy is actually good for you, I stumbled upon this blog which has given me a wealth of information. Julie and her anonymous pal laid the first stone on this blogging path of mine.  Without that page in that link, I may still be visiting the hospital once a week and eating “Beny” like tic-tacs.

Along with my kitchen, my entire beauty repertoire has been rebuilt and my skin and I feel great!

Education and research take a long time, trust me, and its people like Julie and her community who have done that for us.  Nonetheless, we must remember that companies change their formulas and policies without notice and they do it all the time.  So, check labels and do your due diligence by calling and/or emailing the companies. Just like in food these things can affect you from the outside in.


Wondering what the heck has soy in it? Click the link below.

Here’s a FREE printable for your fridge!



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  1. Julie Moore says:

    I am so honored that I have been such a help to you! Hopefully my blog will be of help to your readers, and yours to mine. 🙂 Sharing this page via all of my social media. Thanks for the mention! 🙂


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