Soy Derivatives

Here we go!  This is that long list of soy derivatives that I was telling you about in my blog post where to start?.  Is is exhaustive, I know, but so very necessary.  You may be shocked to find that half of the foods in your fridge and most of your hygiene products that you thought were soy free actually have soy as one of their main ingredients.

I have put an asterisk (*) next to the derivatives that could possibly come from another source like palm or sunflower.  I choose to go online to the products webpage, find out what the site says regarding allergens and if I cannot find anything- email them. The response is almost always within 24 hours.  In saying that, remember that soy is the second most produced food in America, after corn and is super cheap.  The odds are pretty high that it is soy.

I would have liked to separate this list into food and otherwise, however, soy is not as easy as that.  There are so many different variations in spelling some of these derivatives, so if it looks and sounds like one of the words below, steer clear.

  1. Alkyl Chlorides
  2. Alkyd Resin Solution
  3. Bean*
  4. Bulking Agent/ Thickener*
  5. Carob
  6. Dimethylsoya Ammonium Ethosulfate
  7. Emulsifier*
  8. Ethyl Sulfates
  9. Ethyldimethylsoya Alkyl
  10. Glycerin*
  11. Glycine max
  12. Guar (ex. Guar Gum)*
  13. Gum Arabic
  14. HVP (Hydrolized Vegetable Protein)*
  15. HPP (Hydrolyzed Plant Protein)*
  16. IVP (Isolated Vegetable Protein)*
  17. Methylcellulose*
  18. Monoglycerides*
  19. Protein filler*
  20. Caprylic Triglyceride
  21. Monotriglyceride
  22. Ascobyl Palmitate
  23. Isostearyl Isosterate
  24. Glycols
  25. Tocotretrienols
  26. DATEM*
  27. Thiamin or Thiamine Mononitrate* (Here’s a good article)
  28. Citric Acid*
  29. Isolates*
  30. Lecithin*
  31. Linseed Oil
  32. Magnesium stearate*
  33. Mono-diglyceride*
  34. Morpholinium Compounds
  35. MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate)* (Please note that the terms “yeast extract/autolyzed yeast extract” refer to natural/ hidden sources of MSG without having to be labeled as MSG.  Though they are NOT soy, some people with MSG sensitivities also have trouble with these ingredients.  For more information, see this website or Google “natural sources of MSG” or “hidden sources of MSG”.)
  36. Natural/ Artificial Flavourings*
  37. Oil Styrene
  38. Olean/ Olestra
  39. PEG 5, 10, 16, 25, 30, 40 (soy sterols)
  40. Phthalic Anhydride
  41. Plant*
  42. Polymer with Pentaerythritol
  43. Protein Extender*
  44. Proteins*
  45. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Quaternary Ammonium Salts
  46. Quaternium-9
  47. Soy, Soya, Soja, Shoyo
  48. Soyaethyl Morpholinium Ethosulfate
  49. Soyatrimonium Chloride
  50. Soyethyldimonium Ethosulfate
  51. Stabilizer*
  52. Starch*
  53. Stearic acid/vegetable stearic acid or ANYTHING with stearic in the name*
  54. Tocopherol*
  55. Trimethylsoya
  56. TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)*
  57. Tyramine* (This is a naturally occurring amino acid in many foods, including soy.)
  58. Vegetable*
  59. Vinyltoluene
  60. Vitamine E (Tocopherol)*
  61. Xanthan/ Zanthan*


Please comment below if you have any additions! It helps us all so much!


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