Soy, Soya, Soja, Shoyu

Alright already, what the heck is the difference and why are there so many names for one thing!?  Although most peoples minds go directly to soya sauce when they think soy, there are so many other things that come from a soy bean.  In this post I am giving you a little list of the different soy foods.  Not the derivatives of the soy bean, such as Vitamin E or Proteins. There are the actual food types that are traditionally made directly from the soy bean. Im also going to throw in a few alternative names for soy just in case.




Shoyu or Shoyo






Okara or Akara

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

Yuba (tofu skin)


Gan-modoki (a soy dumpling)

Kinako (Japanese for soybean flour)

Kyodofu (freeze-dried bean curd)*

Nimame (stewed soybeans)

Uno-hana (okara dish)

Check out my post about foods soy is found in, including a free-printable!


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