my opinion on soy…

After a week straight of my head in the books, I have come to a simple conclusion on my opinion of soy.  I don’t have one.  That won’t stop me from reading the latest and greatest of articles, research papers, doctors and nutritionist publications each written in a different tune.  In fact, I think that it has peaked an even greater interest for me.  Soy is such a controversial subject.  There are so many different views and so many different truths.  And, not just from everyday people, from high level researchers and doctors too!  One research group contradicts another that contradicts another.  Now I know why so many people are confused about the health effects of soy!  Lucky for me, I don’t even really need that questioned answered.  If I even graze it with the back of my hand I swell up…

Needless to say, after all of that research I have taken away many things.  One of which that may help you is: processed soy is not good for you.  Wait… processed food isn’t good for you?!  Shocking right… lol.

I am definitely not arguing the facts of soy and its many properties.  I can’t tell you if it is good or bad for you.  In my opinion, that answer is subjective.  Instead, I am here to tell you how to live without it, whatever your reason of avoiding it may be.



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