where to start?

Once I figured out that soy was the culprit, I went on a mission in the grocery store.  It’s a legume so its basically just in food right?  NOT!

As I mentioned in my story, soy is in everything.  I have spent hours and hours of my life in the grocery store trying to find items without soy.  I already eat organic, natural, nonGMO, local food so trying to find something that meets all of my requirements is a full time job, hence the blog.

Initially, I was planning on making lists of what you can buy.  But, since you are probably not shopping at the little token stores that I frequent, maybe its a better idea to start off with what you can’t buy.  Soy has a myriad of different names and uses. Some common ones are as simple as”soybean oil” and some are misleading derivatives like “tocopherol”.  Vitamin E can be, and most likely is, derived from the soybean.  I know, surprising right?  Even more surprising is that humans only eat a small portion of the soy that is produced.  Most of it is used to feed the animals that we eat.  So even when I am avoiding soy at all costs with diligent research and hours in the same damn grocery isles, it still gets into my body through the meat that I eat.  Maybe I should take a trip to my local butcher and see whats in their feed… hmm.

Within the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you the multitude of names that soy is hidden under.  You will be shocked to find out that nearly all of your condiments and cookies are poison to me.  Even the organic ones.

Check out this fun little fact sheet I found on WWF.

To learn more about the facts of #hiddensoy, please visit WWF’s website. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it. Great point about the animals eating soy products

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