my story

This was not planned.  I never once considered starting a blog about my allergy.  Friends suggested it since it effects even them at times.  But, I ignored them.  Why would I start a blog about something that I hate when I have a career that I love?

I was trying to become an interior design blogger.  I had it all researched & planned.  Everything in my drafts box.  I had even launched my design blog and was two posts deep.  And then, that pinnacle moment presented itself.  I was sitting in an Entrepreneurs convention and was asked whether or not I cared about my readers.  Shoot.  Do I care what colour they paint their kitchen cabinets?  No, not really…  And sure enough, the light went off.  What I thought was my passion was really just a bore. At least to me…

Just about 3 years ago this whole thing started.  It was October, I had just finished design school and was starting my first interior design job at a reputable furniture manufacturer.  Thrilled to be working with one of my teachers and a family that has been on the cover of Architectural Digest, I was in my own little designers heaven.  It was all coming to me.  I could feel it.

Not long after I started, I became ill.  At first it was flu like symptoms, and then I was waking up daily with little swellings all around my body.  I remember the first time I saw it.  It was 7 am, I got out of the shower and I looked at my face in the mirror.  I thought to myself, “did I really get that chubby over Christmas? No…”  I threw on some makeup and was out the door.  A couple of days later, I noticed this same thing again.  And then again… and then again.  Before I knew it, my tongue was swollen and I was being pumped full of meds in the middle of the trauma unit.

“my investigation of this thing that was taking over my life”

Fast track 18 months or so, I was finally sitting in the second allergists chair watching little bumps develop on my arm.  “Soy?” I ask.  “Oh don’t take that one seriously, a lot of people tend to react to the allergen.”  This was coming from the oldest (literally), most experienced allergist in Vancouver.  He was great to me!  Don’t get me wrong.  I really valued a lot of what he said to me that day.  However, I would continue to experience swellings in my mouth, tongue, hand, foot, face, arm, leg, chest (worst ever) and so on for the next 6 months with no idea that I was swimming in a pool of my own poison.

One delicious organic chocolate chip cookie dough nutrition bar later, I started to itch– Oh shit.  My hands were flaming and swelling at a rapid speed.  My cheek… oh my god, my lip.  It was all so fast.  I flipped the bar over to the ingredients and all I could see was soy, soy, soy.

From that point forward I have been out of the hospital, until I broke my back, that is.

Once I knew what it was that was nearly killing me, I could avoid it… barely.  Soy is everywhere!!!  From what I wore on my face to what I was sitting on with my ass.  Everything I ate and touched had some derivative of soy in it.  It is crazy.  And “a lot of people” tend to have this sensitivity!?

I had been on countless forums throughout my investigation of this thing that was taking over my life.  I had read comments from people just like me- lost multiple jobs, relationships, years of their lives and entire savings to naturopaths, expensive diets and supplements.  Anything to stop these “random” swellings.

This blog is dedicated to all of you who have helped me through this painstakingly slow process and to all of you who are going through this with me.  Inadvertently and otherwise.



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